How it works

Pillargram is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, making it easy for creators and fans alike to navigate and interact on the platform. Here's a step-by-step guide on how it works:

For Creators

  1. Sign Up: Create a Pillargram account by providing some basic information. Choose a unique username that represents your brand, and don't forget to fill out your profile with a bio and profile picture that showcases your personality and what you offer.

  2. Set Up Your Page: Once your account is created, you can set up your page. Customize it to reflect your style and brand. This is where your exclusive content will live.

  3. Content Creation: Create and upload your unique content. This could be photos, videos, audio, text posts, or anything else that represents your talent and passion. Remember, this is exclusive content for your fans, so make it special!

  4. Set Your Price: You have full control over your earnings. Set a subscription price that fans will pay monthly to access your exclusive content. You can also create extra revenue streams by offering pay-per-view content or tips.

  5. Promote Your Page: Share your Pillargram page on your social media platforms, website, and other channels. The more visibility you have, the more potential subscribers you can attract.

  6. Interact with Your Fans: Engage with your fans directly through messages and comments. Building a strong relationship with your fans encourages them to continue supporting you.

  7. Get Paid: Receive monthly payments directly to your account. At Pillargram, we believe in rewarding creativity and hard work, so you keep a high percentage of your earnings.

For Fans

  1. Sign Up: Just like creators, fans need to create a Pillargram account to access the platform.

  2. Explore Creators: Browse through our diverse range of creators. Whether you're into music, fitness, art, cooking, or something else, there's a creator for you on Pillargram.

  3. Subscribe: Once you've found a creator you love, subscribe to their page. This will give you access to their exclusive content.

  4. Engage: Interact with creators by liking, commenting on their posts, and sending messages. Remember, respectful and positive interaction is key.

  5. Support: Your subscription is a way of supporting creators. If you want to give extra, you can also send tips or pay for additional exclusive content.

Pillargram is built on the power of community and creativity. We're proud to offer a platform where creators can monetize their passion and fans can directly support the creators they love. If you have any questions, our support team is always here to help. Welcome to Pillargram!